MyBeautyCompare – Editorial Internship

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Location: London

Closing date: Ongoing

Love beauty and have a flair for creative writing? After offering our previous intern a full time role, we are now looking for an enthusiastic intern to join our team at!


Topman – Content Publishing Assistant

Location: London

Closing date: Ongoing

Our Global Vision is to be the leading brand for all fashion conscious men.


L’Oréal – PR Trainee

Location: London

Closing date: Ongoing

An exciting opportunity to join L’Oréal UK & Ireland’s corporate communications team, gaining experience in internal and external communications.


Why You Shouldn’t Settle For ‘Any Job’

Michaela Walters At The Hangover 3 Premiere

Perks of the job: Michaela Walters at The Hangover 3 premiere

Graduate Michaela Walters explains how staying the course helped her make the transition from intern to content assistant at a leading publisher…

Finally! The days of pulling my hair out and holding back tears as 50-somethings repeat the words “there are plenty of jobs out there” are over.

“Why should I settle for just any job?” I would respond. And it’s what I genuinely thought – why should any of us desperate journo job-hunting grads simply settle?

So for six months I’ve gritted my teeth, repeating those four words to myself – “why should I settle?” – with the desperate hope that one day I could say I was right not to.

Like many journo grads, I moved from one internship – at – straight on to another, at Hearst Magazines, working on Best Magazine.

I bagged a placement just as the brand was not only going through a complete relaunch but also as the company was launching its first website.

Whilst interning at Capital FM I learnt skills that helped me stand out against other applicants. It’s only looking back that I have realised what great skills they were – and so I now appreciate how important it is to soak every little bit of learning up, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time.

Working on a brand new website has been very different from working on an established one like Capital’s, but with newness comes fresh opportunity.  My editor made clear from the onset that “any suggestion goes,” so it was up to me to put those skills I had learnt, and my ideas, forward.

Thankfully, I must have done something right. After two months interning at Hearst, I am now a fully-fledged, full-time Content Assistant at Best Magazine – and I love it.

My day-to-day job revolves mainly around writing content for Best’s website, looking after their social media channels and my editor has also pushed me to write for the magazine – from showbiz and features to a weekly reviews page that I am responsible for. Who says they are all like Miranda Priestly?

I’m also lucky enough to enjoy all of the perks that working on a women’s lifestyle magazine offers, including  receiving free beauty products to attending film screenings – I even got the chance to walk the red carpet with (OK, near) Bradley Cooper at the Hangover 3 premiere – how could a girl complain about that?

It’s a real blessing to be exposed to so many different aspects of the industry, and to be around people that I can learn so much from as I continue to develop.

I’ve also kept in touch with the people from Capital FM and a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be asked back to freelance during the Summertime Ball, live-blogging from backstage.

So, it’s the moral of the story – in the end, hard work pays off.

And now, there will be no more teeth gritting, my hair is thicker than ever and shares in Kleenex have dramatically decreased. Finally, I can say that I was right to not settle for another job.

Have you found work as a direct result of interning at a company? How long did it take you, and what advice would you share? Leave a comment below, or join in the conversation on Twitter @JournoGrads

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