9 Tips For Better Blogging

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How do you get your blog noticed? (Pic: Ebunola Adenipekun)

By Ebunola Adenipekun (@ebunola1)

When you discover an amazing blog that you find yourself returning to regularly, do you ever wonder what it is about it that is making you so hungry for more?

I work in blogger outreach for a media intelligence company and read THOUSANDS of blogs throughout the year. I attend blog awards too, where I get to meet the winners and have a chat with them about what they think makes them so successful.

Through this line of work I have acquired a knack for spotting what makes a good blog, so I have decided to share them here on Journograds.

Here are nine tips to help your blog get noticed:

1.Think about who you are writing for

Try creating an imaginary person/friend who would represent your “typical” reader. Are they male or female? How old are they? What do they do? Are they a student, mother or father? Do they work in the city, or are they self-employed? Maybe it’s even that hot barista in the coffee shop down the road that you are writing for. Either way, have fun thinking about WHO the ultimate reader is – and then write for them.

Others have had success from writing for themselves. They feel there is a type of content that appeals to them but they haven’t yet seen it out there anywhere. Chances are they aren’t the only one who feels that way – and so they end up writing for a market of like-minded individuals.

Regardless of what works best for you, be sure you always write from that proverbial place we call your heart (I know it’s just an organ, but you know what I mean) and be passionate about what you are writing about. If you really care, it will come across in your posts. You can try and follow trends, but if you’re not fully engaged, it will show!

Readers of blogs often come back because they love the writer’s style and if appropriate, their humour. Be you!

2. Be clear about what you’re talking about

Many people think it’s best to have one theme throughout the blog. This can be anything from summer fashion or Beyoncé’s latest outfits to Star Wars and 90s TV shows.

This works because if someone is looking for advice on a certain topic and they know that you are the one who always covers it, then they will hunt your blog down and stick with it while it serves them.

According to one UK survey, Bloggers are among the best-trusted source of information.

3. Make your blog attractive

How often have you landed on a blog’s homepage and seen a dated and uninspired design that makes you want to stop reading it right then and there (regardless of whether its content may change your life or not)?

Don’t be that blog! You can use the vast number of themes available on blogging platforms, or learn how to create your own. Or even seek out a designer you know to help in exchange for money or a mutual service.

Also, large pics taken by and of yourself are often well-appreciated as it is offers an insight into your life and may inspire others – and, oh yeah, Instagram like no other.

4. Write often and keep it social (promote, promote, promote)

If readers know when to expect a new post they are more likely to excitedly anticipate it. Tweet, Facebook and Snapchat your new posts and be enthusiastic about it – and that will shine through.

Remember your ‘tents‘ – be persistent and consistent #ThatIsAll

As well as promoting your posts on social media channels, read other blogs – and comment on them. People love a good conversation. If you love a post, let the blogger know! And likewise, let fellow bloggers and readers know you’d love their feedback on your blog too.

If time is an issue, schedule your social media posts in advance (you can use tools such as Hootsuite)

5. Write a punchy headline

How many “how-tos”, “top [inset number] tips” and “why” blog posts grab your attention in the day? They’re a tried-and-tested formula that the pique the interest of a reader. They make the reader think “ooh, will this change my life?”

6. Find inspiration

Pinterest is one of my favourite social media channels ever – it’s like the best version of an online vision board. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Pinterest isn’t just about pretty pictures though! You can use it as a search tool for any subject: it gives you links to useful articles and posts on almost any topic you can think of.

Research, research, research. You learn a lot in the process of doing some intensive fact-finding about the topic you are blogging about and become a person readers come to for your perspective.

7. Edit and proofread

While typos don’t seem to be the end of the world on many a popular blog, I think it’s a good idea to have your blog post proofread (and edited) by someone else so it doesn’t spoil the experience for those who like to know the difference between they’re and there.

8. Guest write

There is some merit in writing for a blog you admire, as it widens your network. Read other blogs’ Get in Touch/Contacts pages. Some people are looking for contributors, while some would hate anyone else touching their precious blog – so get to know them from one another.

9. Enjoy writing

Good writing will come with practice (and by practice, I mean just doing it often!). Your writing will flow – keep at it and enjoy the process of creating a mini-media empire of your own in the form of a blog! Be creative with it – it’s a place to share ideas, rant, rave, record and broadcast!

Ebunola blogs at theboommoment.blogspot.co.uk, posts (some) of her artwork at facebook.com/ArtByEbunola and pins (a lot, some would say, too much) at www.pinterest.com/ebunola1. If you would like to blog for Journograds too, get in touch

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