City Travel Review – Writers / Researchers / Reviewers


Location: Berlin & Edinburgh

Closing date: October 29th

City Travel Review (CTR projects) is looking to fill roles in Berlin, Germany and Edinburgh, Scotland between April-September 2016.

The placements are available in 3 week, 1 month, 2 month or 3 month periods. Places are limited and the applications close once the final team member has been selected, which can be at any stage during the year.

The roles available are for travel writers, researchers and reviewers in Berlin. These are also available in Edinburgh (without the language learning element).

Who Are We?

Each year City Travel Review offers young people the opportunity to add to their study/work experiences by engaging in real-world placement projects.

Project members are usually undergraduates, post graduates, working people taking a short sabbatical or those taking time off before or after college/university.

CTR attracts young people that come from different backgrounds, looking to gain valuable and diverse working experience and learn a language from scratch or to improve on foreign language skills already acquired.

Many project members wish to gain a fresh perspective on working life; many are looking to make a change in their career path by moving into industries relating to history/arts/culture/language/tourism/media/communication/PR/journalism/language/research/ travel writing/photography or graphic design.

What Does It Involve?

The project brief is to research and produce an online travel review to appeal to young people new to the city. All aspects of the task are undertaken by project members under the guidance of an experienced media team.

CTR establishes working groups of members with complementary expertise so there is the chance of sharing and learning new skills. Whatever level of linguistic or media and research skills you have, you will be well supported.

What Skills Do You Need?

The main criteria is that you love travel, enjoy learning, can demonstrate initiative, can work efficiently in a team, are well organised and have the ability to communicate effectively.

Project members regularly attend team workshops and language classes. In the afternoons, you will gain hands-on experience working as travel researchers visiting places of interest often away from the usual tourist trail.

The team encourages project members to immerse themselves in the culture and real-life situations to gain an in-depth perspective on what makes the city and its inhabitants tick.

What Will You Get To Do?

Typical project-related activities include exploring local districts, visiting entertainment spots of the city, delving into the delights and legends in the old towns, as well as checking out the main historical parts, attending walking tours, visits to museums, galleries and other popular landmarks of the city.

Wherever you are in your life, a CTR project will prove to be a valuable, unforgettable experience. You will be mixing with young like-minded people from all over the world who are looking to push personal boundaries, refresh their interests, open up new opportunities, expand their cultural education and have a great deal of fun in the process.

How Do You Apply?

For those who are seriously interested in becoming part of this opportunity, just drop an email on requesting a project schedule.

Once you know which project date you would like to join, ctr will send you an application via email. Please complete and return this together with you CV/resume and a short e-mail briefly explaining why you would like to be a member of the team.

Please note for those selected a project fee is due that covers accommodation, airport pickups, language tuition lessons, workshops and project related activities. Use our contact page on to request a project schedule which includes all the fine details.

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