The Guardian – Video Producer (Comment Is Free)

Location: London

Closing date: July 7th

We believe the open exchange of information, ideas and opinions has the power to change the world for the better. Our independent journalism holds power to account across the globe and brings information that’s suppressed into the public domain. This openness allows us to provide our readers with the broadest possible perspective: the whole picture.

We are now looking for a Video Producer to produce the weekly Comment Is Free video, and other output as required. You’ll also provide support and training as required for colleagues producing video programming. Some audio work (for which training will be provided, as appropriate) may also be required.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Producing video packages using appropriate production techniques, including but not limited to filming in small studios, studio set up, studio lighting , autocue operation, writing succinct, factually accurate voice over and editing as well as sourcing other material
  • Acting as a field producer, deploying and briefing correspondents and reporters as appropriate and assisting them in the preparation of digital content
  • Seeing content through to publication, self-publishing where required, and ensure that output is correctly promoted across and other parts of GNM and on social media
  • Keeping abreast of and responding to upcoming events and editorial projects across Guardian’s Comment Is Free and news departments
  • Suggesting new angles on existing stories, means of moving a story on, and to put forward stories not yet covered
  • Using all currently available technical resources to realise video ideas as effectively and efficiently as possible, to the highest professional standards, and within budget
  • Liaising closely with other team members, GNM employees and contributors, working flexibly as required
  • Being responsible for thinking through and around editorial problems, developing realistic alternative strategies and approaches
  • Helping train non-specialists in video production
  • Assisting in tracking and maintaining video kit and facilities
  • Understanding GNM’s multimedia video strategy, and suggest ideas compatible with its values, style and content


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