The Guardian – Production Assistant

Location: London

Closing date: July 5th

Guardian News & Media has a reputation for ground breaking journalism and leading edge innovation. We are now looking for a Production Assistant to join the Central Production team (on a 6 month basis), to monitor GNM sites and ensure the highest editorial, design and production standards are maintained across the network, with a focus on tag management. Responsibilities will include:

• Completing production projects as directed
• Understanding and effectively using’s content management systems
• Assisting and advising on desirable practices across the Guardian’s digital platforms
• Working closely with the technical team to ensure that the production system and editors’ tools are working properly, and to communicate information to users
• Responding to concerns from the readers’ editor, the legal team and the syndication department
• Ensuring correct use of external content and maintain the integrity and openness of the Guardian’s digital archive
• Processing corrections in a timely manner
• Providing production training and notes for permanent and freelance editorial/production staff
• Representing the team and build effective working relationships with colleagues in all departments within Guardian News and Media.


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