The Sunday Times – Graduate Programme

Closing date: February 15th

Location: London

The Sunday Times is unrivalled as the place to work in quality Sunday journalism.

A leader in its field with the biggest and best coverage of all that is relevant to the modern reader, The Sunday Times is aspirational and informative, eclectic and entertaining. It has two things at its core: high-quality investigative reporting and bold visual treatment.

In the 21st century, we are no slouches at digital either, with web, tablet and mobile all featuring heavily in how we transmit our award-winning journalism to our readers. Whether as editor, writer, sub-editor, designer, or working with pictures,multimedia and graphics, there is a place for talented, dedicated, flexible individuals at The Sunday Times. Despite the relentless hard work and frequent long hours, we pride ourselves on mordant humour and camaraderie.

If you want to join a newspaper that thrives on the best in news, sport and business, within in a range of brilliant, award-winning sections, you want to join The Sunday Times. If you can deliver the next big agenda-setting investigation, or produce broadsheet, tabloid or magazine pages that hum with impact, you have to join The Sunday Times.


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